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****** Before you take the Test ******
Please take the test with this understanding - This is not to measure how "Godly" you are. Well meaning people score themselves high in many of the gifts because it's the godly thing to do. They can tend to read a question and ask themselves, "What would Jesus do in this situation?" This test is not to see that. Nor is it a test to ask you what the "right thing" to do is either. This test is to test the things which are natural for you. Things you are strong in. Things you love to operate in. Things that you naturally function in with revelation, grace, and ease. Many take the test, but end up with high scores in all 7 gifts. So it becomes difficult for them to learn about their greatest grace gifting(s).

Relax. Answer the questions considering your overall life story, and not with current jobs, responsibilities, or burdens in mind. Enjoy the questions, but answer how you are, not what others think you should be like.

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